Swim Time

Swim Time
Scattergories anyone?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day One

6:00 PM - Joel returns home

6:30 PM - Joel falls asleep

5:30 AM - (tuesday) Joel wakes up.

Highlights -- Boys have to write their first piece.

Writing Evaluation – what accomplishment in the last year are you most proud of? (1 page)

Elijah (14 years old)- "Getting an x-box! x-box live is the best thing that ever happened to me."

later supported by Gabriel in another group, when I questioned the group... "how in the world could getting an x-box (aside from perhaps saving up the money for an extended period) possibly be considered an accomplishment?"

– “ but... what if you’ve wanted it for a really long time?!”

Takim (6ft, 185 lb, 13 year old, entering 7th grade) – "My greatest accomplishment was when a bunch of people came out to crotona park to see me fight an 8th grader– I beat him up real bad and put him in his place”


Tobias said...

I thought you got home at 6 a.m. I'm confused. Did you sleep 11 hours?

Joel Sellier said...

Affirmative... fell asleep at 6:30 PM, slept straight til 5:30 AM the next day.

yes... Affirmative.


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